On the Drawing Board


Here are some therapeutic charts (and game wheels) in the developmental stage. Since round wheels require pricey die-cuts, the items on this page are hand made and not for sale. If interest swells and the demand increases we’ll bring these to the printer.


anger.a anger campact 001 campact defensiveness 001 defensiveness DIALog.a DIALog.b Embrace Uncertainty 001 Embrace Uncertainty envy 001 envy folly gamble 001 Gamble.A Humility.a joy listening 001 listening Making Changes.a Making Changes making changes.z Proactive.A PTLT.2.0001 PTLTz0003 rage 001 rage reconciliation 001 risk.disk0002 risk.disk0003 SPinaction 001 Spincredible.a spindecision.aaa SpinDecision spindolence 001 spindolence SPINergy.a SPINergy spinjustice 001 spinjustice SPINsomnia 001 spinsomnia 002 whats most important Wheels of Fortune.b wheels of fortune

agNOSEtic 001 agNOSEtic.aa lifespan 001 lifespan


Wheel.SicknessUntoDeath.2 001

PTLT0018 001 game 009 holzendatz PTLT.2.0003 spinfield.jpg volvelle 001 volvelle 002 word whirl

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